SPAR Schweiz

For over 10 years, we have been serving SPAR Switzerland in all aspects of online marketing, website and social media management and more. We proudly look back on numerous projects that we have realised together with one of the most successful supermarket chains in Switzerland.

In the course of the last relaunch, the website was widely expanded and prepared for future features.


In addition to holistic support in the area of online marketing, banner creations, campaign management as well as analysis and reporting, social media support is also an important area pushed by us. Due to the wide range of marketing, a detailed editorial plan as well as posting and campaign planning are the be-all and end-all. Thus, it is possible to additionally integrate the SPAR promotion recognizably between the regularly planned SPAR product and lifestyle postings.

This type of promotion consists of numerous campaigns that are played out throughout the year, which enables us to achieve measurably greater customer loyalty to the SPAR brand. This is supported by specially designed landing pages that provide users with all the information they need about promotions. However, a landing page alone is not enough for a successful campaign. As long as no one knows that a campaign is taking place, there will be no participants. The interface to marketing is the crucial success factor here. Ideally, every campaign must be advertised online and offline in order to direct the resulting traffic to the landing page.


Three times during the last years we were allowed to carry out the website relaunch of SPAR Switzerland. Step by step, the scope and demand of the SPAR website has grown again with each relaunch. Compared to today's page, the original website looks very rudimentary. The new website implemented in 2021 is both the information hub and the interface to numerous other applications. Therefore, the choice of the right CMS was crucial for us. Today, as then, the choice fell on TYPO3, one of the most secure and multifunctional CMS systems. It allows the connection to numerous systems and provides the possibility to keep the information up to date on all channels.

A nice example is that even the SPAR-Friends-App (available in the App Store and Play Store) gets its information directly from the TYPO3 CMS. The data or information can thus be managed in one place and yet played out globally. Through this optimized and centralized workflow, the website offers high potential in the reusability of data, such as the SPAR offers, market information and recipe databases, to name a few. The interface makes this information available in an automated way for a wide variety of channels and applications.

In addition, the versatile content provides further starting points for dialog marketing. Currently, weekly offer newsletters and topic newsletters are sent out. Newsletter marketing is still one of the strongest marketing channels, as the user devotes 100% of his attention to the respective topic when opening a newsletter. Through this clever address generation with company and product news, a very strong marketing channel can be built up and used for future campaigns.

The Top Supermarket Chain in Switzerland


For over 10 years, we have been serving SPAR Switzerland in all aspects of online marketing, website and social media management and more.