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The beginning

In 2010, Thomas Maldoner opened the doors of our first office for the first time, marking a significant milestone in the history of our company. It was here that we began to build our team and lay the foundations for our future collaboration and company culture. Since then, we have always been guided by the principles of collaboration, commitment and innovation.

From the very beginning, our vision was clear: we wanted to create something unique that would transcend itself.

Each individual contributed their unique skills and expertise to make our vision a reality. The spirit and dynamism of those early days are still our driving force and inspiration today. 2010 was also the year that Apple introduced the iPad, an innovation that paved new paths for technology and digital content and had a lasting impact on our creative work.

DACH growth

In 2011, when Apple introduced Siri to the market for the first time, it was an important year for us. This year, we expanded our network and business activities into strategically important regions with the opening of two new offices in the heart of Europe - Vienna and Zurich. With these new offices, we have significantly strengthened our position in German-speaking countries and increased our presence in key European cities.

Also in 2011, we made the decision to become a certified training company and welcomed our first apprentice, followed by several more talented trainees. Their commitment and achievements have enriched our team and made a valuable contribution to INSCRIPT's success story. In particular, the variety and depth of training opportunities at INSCRIPT make this experience unique and formative for our development.

International office

In 2012, we expanded our development department by opening a new office in Poland, which was a significant step in our company's history. Through the targeted recruitment of qualified employees, we were able to significantly expand and internationalize our range of services. This was particularly important due to the introduction of responsive web design in the same year, which presented us with new challenges in dealing with end devices.

This strategic measure enabled us to expand our software development capacities and make our processes more efficient. The commitment and expertise of our Polish team played a decisive role in the company's success. They have successfully implemented a large number of projects and made a significant contribution to strengthening our innovative power. The spirit of pioneering work and progress that drove us back then still characterizes our corporate culture today.

European growth

In 2013, we achieved further significant milestones by expanding our corporate activities with the opening of two new offices in the Czech Republic and Barcelona. This enabled us to further deepen the international cooperation established in the previous year and at the same time expand our range of services once again.

The resources we gained enabled us to actively support the CMS system and further improve our support team.

The establishment of our teams in the Czech Republic and Barcelona opened up new possibilities and opportunities for us, especially in the area of content management, which at that time was characterized by the strong rise of CMS systems such as TYPO3, Wordpress and others. Our goal was to develop comprehensive solutions that would enable efficient management and optimization of web content. Thanks to the commitment of our colleagues at these locations, we were able to further expand our customer offering and adapt it to specific requirements.


In 2014, we ventured into the e-commerce sector with Magento, one of the leading technologies in this market at the time. Since then, we have continuously gained experience and have been able to set up numerous individual online stores and support product launches with targeted marketing. This has enabled us to make even more users aware of our customers' products.

The realization of these diverse projects and the design of tailor-made web stores for our customers have helped our team to grow even closer together. Despite the initial challenges of international collaboration between five locations, our colleagues worked together and always achieved the goals we set ourselves. Thanks to our teamwork, we were able to successfully implement the new e-commerce projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Software solutions

In 2015, the year of the rise of video streaming platforms such as Netflix, our focus was on our Solutions division. Under the many years of experience of Thomas Maldoner and other team members in the portal sector, we particularly pushed ahead with the development of individual software web solutions.

We had sufficient experience and resources to design and implement new themed portals in a wide variety of areas.

Our understanding of users' requirements and wishes was a key success factor. This was particularly evident in the further development of our job portal solution to version 1.5. The job portal solution, which was originally launched in 2010, received numerous new functions with the update to version 1.5. In addition to quality improvements, new features were added that enabled employers and applicants to achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.

Mobile development

In 2016, there was a particular focus on mobile development, mainly due to new technologies such as web progressive apps. These developments motivated us to further expand our mobile development service by developing a mobile application for one of our clients for the first time. For this application, our team combined technical expertise with targeted UX and UI design to achieve an optimal user experience.

End user engagement was exceptionally high and it became clear how digital apps can actively contribute to customer loyalty. Our team was particularly enthusiastic about the great success and positive cooperation in the realization of this first mobile app.


In 2017, INSCRIPT Bodensee underwent a significant change. Due to our continuous growth, our old office was no longer sufficient to accommodate all our colleagues and meet the required capacities. Therefore, we moved to our current office during the year, which not only created sufficient space, but also opened up new opportunities for collaboration, such as our physical SCRUM board.

At the same time, our marketing department was under considerable pressure and actively engaged with influencer campaigns. Given the strong growth in the influencer market, we supported various clients in implementing their ideas in this up-and-coming area.

Blockchain and end-customer portal

For us, 2018 was characterized by the introduction of blockchain technology and the development of our first end customer portal with Magnolia. This project posed a particular challenge at the beginning, as we had to carry out a comprehensive data and requirements analysis. Due to the scope of the project, our graphics team was particularly challenged. Together with our client, we developed the optimal user journey based on the findings.

The implementation was then carried out in CMS Magnolia using the multi-client logic that Magnolia offers. This allowed us to create a good and flexible solution that offers the end user a user-friendly and personalized online experience. The successful realization of this portal has made both the customer and us very happy.

Innovation in HR software

In 2019, our Solutions team was particularly challenged to design and develop the first version of our application management software INJOBS. Our goal with INJOBS was to create HR software that actively supports the HR department in its daily workflow without complicating processes. This was particularly important in the age of smart speakers, as the boundaries of innovative operation have been pushed once again.

INJOBS embodies our aspiration to develop modern software solutions that actively support users in their everyday lives. Since INSCRIPT was founded in 2010, this claim to innovation has been a central concern that Thomas Maldoner has brought to the company. It stands for our striving for innovation and digital solutions, which have driven the spirit of our company for years.

Global crisis

2020 presented the corporate world with unprecedented challenges due to the global coronavirus crisis. Everyday working life changed drastically as calls via Slack, Teams and Zoom suddenly became the norm. Thanks to our strong digitalization in the company, we were able to quickly adapt to the new home office conditions and actively support our customers.

We helped companies to overcome the difficulties caused by the loss of promotions or trade fairs. One example was supporting a customer who wanted to compensate for the decline in sales in the trade fair business by setting up its own web store. Shortly after the store was completed, we launched targeted campaigns on all channels to draw sufficient attention to the products and promotions. The result was a complete success: thanks to our efforts, the customer achieved the highest turnover in the last 10 years and was able to optimally compensate for the lost business.

AI and content expansion

In 2021, our focus was increasingly on the area of automation. Given the rapid development of AI services, it was particularly important for us to actively pursue the field of artificial intelligence and show our customers new automation opportunities. At the same time, we strengthened the food area in our content team, which became increasingly important in light of global changes and a growing awareness of nutrition and health.

With the strong growth in the food sector, we worked with several clients to develop a recipe content strategy for channels such as the website, a cookbook, etc. The generation of high-quality content was particularly important for our customers' SEO strategy. In the same year, we also released Jobportal Solutions Version 2.0, which included a comprehensive functional update and a complete relaunch of the platform.

team neusta

In January 2022, we completed our own website relaunch and launched our Hubspot partnership. This year, we paid particular attention to the accessibility of websites to make the internet even more accessible. The various departments in our team have been actively studying the WAI guidelines in order to integrate them into new web projects.

Also in 2022, we became part of Team neusta, one of the largest agency groups in the DACH region. This partnership allows us to offer our clients a wider range of technologies, including SAP, Microsoft, Pimcore and much more. We greatly appreciate team neusta's commitment to innovation and quality, which is deeply rooted in our own. This collaboration enables us to offer our customers even more comprehensive and forward-looking solutions.

Marketing personalization

For us, 2023 was particularly characterized by personalization technologies in marketing. We implemented marketing personalization measures for some customers via HubSpot and also integrated them into website development. This allowed us to address users personally and customize the content displayed.

In the same year, we also released the new version of our job portal solution, INJOBS, in version 3.0. With this new version, we carried out an extensive design update that optimized the entire portal in terms of usability and user journey. In addition, new features such as the application funnel and the job swiper have been integrated, which actively contribute to the user experience and improve interaction with the portal.















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All company cars are e-cars

We are committed to electromobility and have equipped the majority of our company cars with electric vehicles. With 2/3 of all company cars being electric, we are actively involved in promoting sustainable mobility.



All business trips are by train.

We are committed to sustainable mobility and promote business travel by train. By choosing the train as our preferred means of transport, we reduce our CO2 emissions.




We actively support our employees in travelling to work in an environmentally friendly way. To this end, we offer support for the use of public transport and the option of leasing company bicycles.



LED equipment in the office

We attach great importance to energy efficiency and have continuously reduced our energy consumption in recent years. One important measure was equipping our entire office with energy-saving LED lamps.











Lake Constance

The Inscript Lake Constance site acts as a central coordination centre. The team coordinates the projects from here.


Our location in Vienna provides comprehensive support for our customers in and around Vienna.


Inscript AG focusses on the support of all Swiss customers and pushes for fully comprehensive support.


Inscript Poland specialises in the custom development of websites, solutions and web shops.

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The Czech team specialises in content management and offers comprehensive solutions for the efficient management and provision of digital content.

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