Kugelfink employer branding and image film

Successful employer branding is becoming increasingly important. In this context, we were able to realise two exciting projects for our long-standing client Kugelfink. On the one hand, the design and implementation of a more user-friendly careers section on the company website, and on the other, the creation of several supporting recruitment and image films. Based on the company values and entrepreneurial focus, Kugelfink presents itself as an attractive and team-orientated employer.

The Kugelfink career website

Kugelfink GmbH has been a family business with an impressive success story since its foundation in 1934. Specialising in roller bearings, drive technology and linear systems, the company is constantly setting new standards in terms of quality and innovation.

The careers section of a website must be target group-orientated, informative and user-friendly. The careers section is not only easy to find thanks to its own menu item, but also offers a clear and compact information area and makes it easy for prospective job applicants to apply. We have also created a separate apprentice careers landing page, which is tailored to the younger target group in terms of imagery and a newly produced apprentice video.

The Kugelfink image movies

Our journey began with the conception and customisation of the storyboards for Kugelfink's recruitment films: one general and one aimed specifically at potential apprentices. Working closely with Kugelfink allowed us to authentically portray their unique corporate culture and values. The preparations for the filming were as thorough as they were professional. We organised a language coach to ensure that both Managing Director Karin Fink-Loos and the Kugelfink employees and apprentices were able to prepare for the filming in the best possible way.

The filming was carried out on two different days. The result is impressive. In each of the films, Kugelfink radiates authenticity and impressively conveys the company values that are of utmost importance to them. As Inscript GmbH, we are proud to make our contribution to Kugelfink's image and the successful recruitment of new talent. This collaboration has not only been an opportunity to showcase our creative and technical skills, but also a partnership based on trust and shared values.

We look forward to continuing our mission of telling impactful stories and communicating values.

Employer branding with new career website and image film


Insights into two exciting projects that we realised in close collaboration with our client Kugelfink - the design and implementation of a more user-friendly careers section on the company website and the creation of recruiting & image films.