Auf mehreren Smartphones werden Bereiche der Sü Webseite angezeigt, wie z. B. die Profileinstellungen, die Jobsuche oder die Firmensuche
Auf mehreren Smartphones werden Bereiche der Sü Webseite angezeigt, wie z. B. die Profileinstellungen, die Jobsuche oder die Firmensuche

Jobportal 3.0

With the latest go-live of our job portal solution for our customer HRM, we refined the visual appearance of the portals to significantly raise the level of user journeys for ideal interaction. In addition, we were able to lay an important foundation in terms of usability orientation so that future enhancements can also be mapped in the same design logic. This allowed us to bring the corporate identity of the portals into an even better generic design concept, which perfectly combines UI and UX design.

We started the conception process with a user interface design analysis to identify potential stoppers in the user journey. This helped us enormously in the direction of the new design concept, by means of which we were able to bring both the user experience and the interface design to an even better level. We reduced the graphical representation by focusing the color scheme to give even more weight to the job offers and companies. In addition, the color focus was particularly important in terms of the interface design of the navigation structure. By clearly separating the colors and adjusting the font sizes and elements, users can find their way around even better. In view of the broad target groups of the job portals, easy, intuitive usability is particularly important.

The relaunch was accompanied by a new icon and a stylization of the graphic concept. This contributes to an even stronger brand building of the portals and has a particularly positive effect in the sales supporting process of the product and price pages.

The job search still forms the core of the platform, which we realized using a semantic search technology - with all connected logics absolutely "state of the art" among open source search technologies. We integrated the job alert system even more into the core of the platform: In the job search there are now four additional options to save the current job search as a job alert. This way, the user benefits from automatic information about all new job offers.

Not only in the frontend we have improved a lot, also the pagespeed benefits from our optimization. We completely reconstructed the job portal infrastructure and were able to increase page speed and reliability enormously. By integrating a Varnish cache into the infrastructure, the page and load speed is now at an absolute top level.

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milliseconds response time
requests in 8 seconds

User Experience and User Interface Design

UX and UI design is one of the most important elements in improving job portals to provide an even better customer journey. A user-friendly and engaging interface can help job seekers search for suitable jobs more efficiently. The right UX design strategy helps make applications easier and faster to complete.

Some of the most important aspects to consider when designing a successful job search platform are:

Simple navigation

Clear and intuitive navigation is critical to helping job seekers find suitable jobs quickly and easily.


Filter / search functions

Filter and search functions should be designed in such a way that job seekers can find the desired results as easily as possible.


Mobile optimization

As more and more job seekers use mobile devices, it is important that the platform works well on mobile devices and provides an optimized user experience.


A personalized user experience can help job seekers easily find and apply for suitable jobs.



The job platform should be designed to be accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or limitations.

Die Webseite von Sü mit einem Blog und Stellenangeboten
Die Webseite von Sü mit einem Blog und Stellenangeboten


Overall, a well-designed UX and UI design strategy can help job seekers find and apply for the right jobs in just a few clicks. We are extremely proud of the result of our Job Portals 3.0 redesign. With an ideal, visually clear implementation, they now offer the perfect basis for bringing employers and employees together. You can learn more about our job portal system in our blog article "Juice Jobs in a new design".

Jobportal 3.0


With the recent go live of our job portal solution for our client HRM, we changed the visual appearance of the portals to provide an even better user journey.