Abstract background edited by hand and based on generative artificial intelligence.
Abstract background edited by hand and based on generative artificial intelligence.

Digital Trends 2024

In the midst of our ongoing research into the digital trends of 2024, we confirm their significance in line with renowned trend researchers. The continuous integration of these findings into our future strategies ensures our agile positioning in a constantly changing digital environment. This flexibility enables us to always offer innovative solutions. We present six key trends that will shape the year 2024.

01. Generative AI is becoming everyone's best friend

We are becoming more adept at using Generative AI - whether it's choosing the right areas of application, formulating precise questions or strategizing next steps. Generative AI, often hailed as the latest breakthrough, is on the verge of becoming everyone's best friend. However, this will only become a reality if we work together to find out how we can make the best use of it.


02. Focus on hyper-personalization

Offering customers relevant experiences tailored to their needs is now a matter of course. Brands like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon have set the bar so high that customers everywhere now expect intuitive, personalized experiences. In 2024, it will be much easier to achieve this goal. Real-time data and AI will help companies reach the next level of personalization: Hyper-personalization.

03. Immersive Experience

Advances in immersive technology such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D content are helping to bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences. These technologies are already widely used, particularly in retail and e-commerce, where they help to transfer the in-store experience (for example, trying on clothes, testing furniture and make-up) into the digital space.


04. Social commerce is transforming into community commerce

The future of customer experience (CX) is social commerce. But that doesn't mean you see something great on Instagram and click on the link to buy it. It's more about involving your friends in purchasing decisions and planning things in groups. Our customers are traveling together, so we're thinking about how we can bring them together in a space where they can talk and connect. We're also thinking about how we can connect with that group from a brand perspective, either through a digital experience or through a real person.

05. Prioritizing data protection is a must

In the area of digitalization, 2024 will see a shift towards hyper-personalization, with AI-driven algorithms tailoring user experiences at an unprecedented level of granularity. However, data protection and user consent will take priority in accordance with evolving data protection regulations.

06. Understanding the behavior in mobile apps

We have been focusing on "mobile first" for a while now. But it's important to understand what your app is actually being used for and why your customers are using your app on mobile or desktop - especially in a hybrid world. You should take this into account during development. After all, there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution and your customers may use your app for different things.

2024 promises groundbreaking developments. Community commerce is revolutionizing shopping, while data protection and understanding user behavior are crucial in mobile apps. Keep your finger on the pulse, because these trends are shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Digital Trends 2024


We have taken another look at the digital trends for 2024 and can only agree with the current trend researchers. Over the course of the year, we will pick up on these again and again. In this newsletter, we have listed 6 trends that we believe will be very strong in 2024.