The black-and-white picture shows the managing directors Lennart Duden, Marc Wolek and Stefan Vorbröcker
The black-and-white picture shows the managing directors Lennart Duden, Marc Wolek and Stefan Vorbröcker

High-end visualizations from Studio Moin

Studio Moin has been part of team neusta since last year. Under the direction of Lennart Duden, Marc Wolek and Stefan Vorbröcker, they bring a wealth of experience in the field of advertising photography, complemented by outstanding expertise in CGI.

Working closely with the neusta marketing team, they are actively involved in major marketing projects. Their focus is on photorealistic 3D renderings and high-quality advertising photography. The team of advertising photographers and 3D artists produces high-end visualizations and content for many national and international clients such as bonprix, Kibek or Hagebau. Through their outstanding creativity and commitment, they support their clients in turning their visions into reality.

Limitless possibilities

Whether a digital twin already exists or has to be modeled first: With Studio Moin, any product can be displayed - completely independent of a physical original. The product to be staged can be visualized in any scenery, be it in a cosy old apartment or a modern penthouse. Without further ado, chairs are levitated and large halls are filled with plants to create a unique and impressive series of images for a new advertising campaign.


You can see in every rendering that it was created by creative minds. The results are indistinguishable from photographs.

3D models

Any object to be depicted can be visualized. Whether based on sketches, measurements, photos or CAD data - a digital twin is created for every product.

Texture creation

A wide range of materials, from wood and stone to textiles and grass, are represented here. Everything that is individual or new is digitized from the real world and saved as a new 3D texture.

360° renderings

Rooms for architects or interior designers, for example, become accessible. The viewer can look around and view all the details and dimensions of the scene.

AR/VR Content

Trying out whether the new chest of drawers fits in its planned place or whether the new picture matches the rest of the interior. The possible uses of AR and VR content are almost limitless.

The perfect solution for every project

At Studio Moin, you not only receive high-quality renderings, but also the right advice. For example, we check in advance whether a CGI production is suitable for the project or whether the cost-benefit factor is right. Otherwise, the project can also be implemented using photography, as the team also has a broad range of skills in this area. Thanks to its outstanding services, Studio Moin offers customers enormous opportunities to take their marketing to a higher visual level.

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Are you interested?

Discover the endless possibilities of the 3D world. The Studio Moin team will be happy to advise you on your planned project and show you new possibilities for content creation.

Studio Moin - Creative CGI-Visualizations


Studio Moin - experts in high-quality 3D visualizations and advertising photography. From photorealistic 3D renderings to customized advertising photography, they offer a wide range of services.