The new theme worlds of SPAR Switzerland

We are pleased to present you the latest enhancements of the online presence of SPAR Switzerland! As a long-standing partner of SPAR Switzerland, we are constantly working on the expansion and improvement of the website and the brand experience. To this end, we conceptualized and developed the new SPAR Switzerland themed worlds, which offer a completely new user experience. Each page has been carefully redesigned to provide an even more engaging and informative online experience. Learn more about the new SPAR Switzerland worlds and discover the numerous improvements and new features.


The page for franchisees was renewed from scratch to provide extensive information about the company. Here, interested parties can now find detailed information on the company's history as well as on the SPAR stores, such as the number of employees and the various store concepts. A special highlight is the map with all SPAR stores in the respective country. Of course, the application process was also improved to make it clearer and more user-friendly. To do this, we broke away from the familiar classic form and rebuilt the application process as a funnel concept. This enabled us to significantly increase the appeal of SPAR as the ideal franchise concept for a supermarket.


Assortment World

The revised product range page now offers more comprehensive information than ever before. In particular, the focus was clearly on the new presentation of SPAR's own brands and the expansion of their brand identity. In order to emphasize SPAR's own brands more strongly, we have given the individual brands on the site more individual colors in order to appeal even better to the target group. In addition, we expanded the product information to include detailed nutritional information in order to create clear added value for users and to push SEO performance.

Wine World

The wine world has also undergone a complete overhaul and now offers even more information about different wine regions, recommendations for enjoyment and more. Users can now learn more about individual wines online: Origin, unique characteristics, food recommendations and more. Let the new wine world of SPAR Switzerland convince you, too!


Recipe world

The recipe world also invites you more than ever to go on a culinary journey of discovery. We have redesigned the entire look and feel and implemented a completely new tagging strategy in the background. The comprehensive tagging concept not only helps users reach their destination much more easily, but also makes it possible to create targeted sections on specific topics, such as Easter. We are thrilled with the new possibilities, which invite users to discover a wide range of delicious recipe ideas. The presentation and navigation is always clear. Whether inspiration for everyday life or for special occasions - the new recipe world of SPAR Switzerland offers something suitable for every taste.

The new theme worlds of SPAR Switzerland


We are pleased to present you the latest enhancements of the online presence of SPAR Switzerland!