ImagePro - The simple TYPO3 image management system

Digital asset management requirements are crucial in modern web solutions. Our new ImagePro extension for TYPO3 offers a comprehensive solution for image processing and management. With five innovative features, it effectively optimizes your day-to-day work. The ImagePro extension enables effortless editing of your images, from cropping to filters and effects. It also offers advanced management features.

Thanks to the seamless integration with TYPO3, you can manage your edited images directly in the backend and integrate them into your website without having to resort to additional tools. Overall, the ImagePro extension offers a powerful solution for digital asset management in TYPO3. It improves the efficiency of your workflows and makes it easier to manage, optimize and integrate your images into your web projects. Find out today how ImagePro can revolutionize the way you work.


Mass renaming of files is child's play with Renamer. Whether you want to completely change image names or replace individual sections of text, we help you to save time in file management with mass renaming with subsequent logic.

Image Resizer

With the Image Resizer, several images in TYPO3 can be cropped to the predefined or user-defined size at the same time. The function offers various modes such as fit, fill or stretch to achieve the ideal result without compromising image quality - an essential tool for the uniform presentation of visual content.

Ratio Cutters

The extended Ratio Cutter allows images to be easily cropped to standard or customised formats within the page view. This intuitive tool makes adapting images to a wide range of design requirements an easy task.

For comprehensive image optimisation, the connection to the API enables automatic and efficient compression of your images. Perfect for users of the service to improve loading times and boost SEO performance. All images are automatically compressed when uploaded - with no loss of quality

Image Focus Point

The Image Focus Point allows you to set an image point that defines the core focus of the image. This means that images do not always have to be uploaded in the different desktop, mobile and tablet sizes; it is sufficient to simply set the image focus.

ImagePro - The simple TYPO3 image management system


The ImagePro extension offers five main functions: Bulk renaming, quick image resizing, pinpoint cropping, image compression and an image focus point tool.