What is a headless website?

A headless website is a type of website where the front-end part is separated from the back-end logic. In other words, the content is stored separately from how it is displayed on the website. Unlike a traditional website, where the frontend and backend are tightly coupled, the content of a headless website is retrieved through an API (Application Programming Interface) and then rendered by the website.


With a headless website, you have more freedom in designing the website. The front-end developer can design the website completely independently from the back-end logic, which means that the website is much more flexible and customizable.


Better performance

Headless websites usually have better performance because the content is retrieved from a separate API. This results in faster website loading time and an overall better user experience.


Easy content management

By separating content from presentation, content on a headless website can be managed much more easily. For example, if you want to make a change to a piece of content, you can simply do so in the API and the changes will automatically update throughout the site.

Easy integration with other systems

Since the content of a headless website is accessed via an API, it is easy to integrate it with other systems such as a CRM or an e-commerce system.



Headless websites offer future-proof technology because they allow for a clear separation of content and presentation. This makes it easier to adapt the website to future technologies and developments.

Logos von verschiedenen Web Aplikationen uns CMS
Logos von verschiedenen Web Aplikationen uns CMS

Headless Websites Conclusion

Headless websites offer a new way to develop websites and present content. They offer advantages such as flexibility, better performance, easy content management, easy integration with other systems, and future-proofing. If you are considering developing a new website or updating your existing website, you should consider the option of a headless website. Would you like to learn more? Then contact us now!

Headless Websites


Headless is almost the new standard on the web and will continue to lead the way in allowing more flexibility in website development.