Google Page Speed Optimisation

A long loading time is not only annoying for users, but is also not appreciated by Google. Page speed has a major influence on search engine optimisation. A fast loading time is an important factor for the ranking in Google search results. If a website loads quickly, it will be ranked better by search engines. Users also stay on a page longer if it loads quickly. Studies have shown that a website should load in a maximum of 3 seconds. The longer the loading time, the higher the probability that visitors will bounce.

There are various factors that can lead to a poor loading time. These include, for example, the use of outdated technology, slow plugins, poorly written code and large images that are not optimally compressed. A slow server can also lead to longer loading times.

Optimisation options

Google has developed a helpful tool - PageSpeed Insights. With this tool, you can simply enter the URL of the relevant website and have it analysed. The results show you the performance of your website as well as optimisation options in a clear and itemised form.

File size

Use image formats with better compression or tools for optimised compression.


Reduce the file size of HTML, CSS and JavaScript by minifying and combining the codes.

Activate caching

Implement browser and server caching to offer returning visitors faster loading times.


Distribute your content via a content delivery network to improve the loading time for users worldwide.

Lazy Loading

Only load images and other resources when they are displayed in the visible area of the browser.


Minimise the number of redirects. These cause additional HTTP requests and increase the loading time.


Choose a reliable hosting provider and make sure that the server configuration is optimised.

Asynchronous charging

Load JavaScript and CSS files asynchronously. This prevents them from affecting the loading time of the page.

We can help you further

Our own website has achieved an excellent score, achieving 100 points in all criteria of the Google Lighthouse test for desktop and mobile. At INSCRIPT, we support you with page speed optimisation. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to optimise your website to the highest level of performance. As a first step, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your website. Our aim is to identify bottlenecks and weak points. Based on these results, we develop individual strategies to optimise the speed and performance of your website. Always with the aim of bringing your website to the best possible performance level.

Feel free to contact us to get your website to the top of its game. We also offer comprehensive support in general SEO support. With our many years of experience, we can help you to improve your ranking and optimise your findability. Our service ranges from the initial SEO analysis to implementation and ongoing support. We are happy to assist you in achieving your goals and increasing your online success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web analysis tools such as Google's Lighthouse Pagespeed test can also be used to monitor loading times and identify weak points. A/B tests can also be carried out to investigate how different loading times affect user behavior. If users leave the page more often or the bounce rate is high, this can be an indication that the loading time should be optimized.

Additional tools and techniques for improving the page speed of a website could include optimising fonts, limiting HTTP requests, using WebP image formats or implementing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). These techniques can further optimise the loading time.

A fast loading time is particularly important for the mobile user experience, as mobile devices may have a slower internet connection. A fast loading website optimised for mobile devices can help users stay on the site longer and consume content better.

A slow loading time can have a negative impact on a website's conversion rate as users are more likely to abandon and switch to a faster loading alternative. A fast loading time can help to increase the conversion rate, as users stay on the page longer and have more time to engage with the content.

Google Page Speed Optimisation


A fast website loading time is a very important criterion for search engine rankings. Google PageSpeed Insights is a useful tool for analysis and optimisation. Discover tips for speeding up your website here.