We have once again dedicated ourselves to an exciting project that pushes the boundaries of interactivity and user experience in the digital space. This time the focus was on developing the landing page for EVIL+JUICE - a new brand from the renowned Rauch Fruchtsäfte company, available in the exciting flavors Rude Raspberry, Licky Lime and Manic Mango.

Our main objective was to create a landing page that was not only informative, but also reflected the brand image of EVIL+JUICE and encouraged visitors to identify with the product. The slogan "GET EVIL" should take center stage and celebrate the extreme - in the can as well as in life.

Interactive elements for an immersive experience

To achieve this goal, we focused on integrating interactive elements to make the landing page more lively and engaging. We incorporated various animations and user interactions to take the user experience to the next level. One standout feature is the use of elements that move with the mouse. These dynamic effects immediately capture the attention of visitors and create a playful interaction with the site.

The technical term for elements that move with the mouse is "parallax effects" or simply "parallax elements". These effects create a visual impression of depth and movement by causing certain elements of the website to move at different speeds relative to the mouse pointer or the user's scrolling movement. Parallax effects are often used to make the design of a website more interactive and appealing.

TYPO3 as a headless CMS for maximum flexibility

Another interesting feature of our project is the use of TYPO3 as a headless CMS. This innovative technology allows us to separate content management and backend from frontend development, offering greater flexibility and efficiency.

TYPO3's headless architecture allows us to seamlessly integrate content into the interactive landing page without compromising on design or user experience. This allows us to continuously optimize the page and adapt it to changing requirements without having to make complex backend adjustments.

Developing the interactive landing page for EVIL+JUICE was an exciting challenge for us, combining innovative technologies and creative concepts to create a unique user experience. By integrating interactive elements and using TYPO3 as a headless CMS, we managed to create a page that is not only informative, but also effectively conveys EVIL+JUICE's brand image and inspires visitors to take action.

We are proud to be part of this project and look forward to exploring more ways in which we can continue to push the boundaries of interactivity in the digital space. If you are also interested in an interactive landing page or other digital solutions, we are happy to help. Contact us to find out more and strengthen your digital presence together.

Interactive landing pages are websites that improve the user experience through animations, user interactions and dynamic elements. They are relevant because they increase engagement and encourage visitors to interact with the content.

Parallax effects create visual depth and movement by moving certain elements relative to the user's mouse or scrolling movement. They make the design more engaging and interactive.

A headless CMS separates the backend (content management) from the frontend (website presentation), which increases flexibility and efficiency. For interactive landing pages, this allows the seamless integration of content without restrictions in design or user experience.

Interactive elements on landing pages make the experience more appealing and engaging by encouraging visitors to interact with the content and become more involved with the page.

When developing interactive landing pages, knowledge of animation techniques, user interaction, front-end development and the integration of CMS solutions is crucial.

The performance of interactive landing pages can be improved by optimizing file sizes, loading times, caching mechanisms and code efficiency to ensure a smooth user experience.

Interactive landing pages offer higher user engagement, improved user experience and can effectively increase brand awareness through appealing design and creative interactions.



We have once again dedicated ourselves to an exciting project that pushes the boundaries of interactivity and user experience in the digital space.