Reach new customers with the digital magazine

We are passionate about creating customised solutions that help companies achieve their goals. Today we would like to present one such project that reflects our skills in the areas of development, web and graphic design and also demonstrates the potential of digitalisation for your company.

For our clients SPAR Switzerland and TopCC, we recently completed some great and creative projects: the development of online magazines that are precisely tailored to their goals, corporate design and target group. This project was particularly exciting as previously there was only the classic printed version of the magazine. The challenge was to develop a completely new concept and transform the classic print format into a modern, interactive and engaging online experience. We gave free rein to our creativity, from the concept to the final realisation.

The aim of our clients is not only to appeal to their existing clientele with the digitalisation of the magazine, but above all to reach a larger market. Our goal of creating a modern online format from the print version was the starting point for our approach. The online magazine was to be informative and at the same time developed in such a way that it would be a pleasure to use. To this end, we integrated many interactive elements to make browsing through the magazine entertaining.

A successful conclusion and an outlook

From design to development, we thoroughly planned every step of the project. The use of high quality imagery played an important role in creating visually appealing pages that immediately captivated readers. The magazine was filled with a variety of captivating topics specifically chosen to appeal to a broad readership. It offers a colourful mix of content to ensure there is something of interest for every reader.

The interactive presentation of the content was an essential part of our work. From animations to image galleries and other interactive elements, we created a good combination to make the online magazine lively and dynamic. The result is an experience that makes users curious and encourages them to click through the pages.

We are delighted to have been able to support our long-standing clients SPAR Switzerland and TopCC in the realisation of their online magazine. Thanks to our successful collaboration, we were able to fulfil our customers' expectations to their complete satisfaction. We are proud to be part of this pioneering project and look forward to further exciting projects in which we can drive forward the digital transformation of our customers. If you are also interested in equipping your company for the digital future and benefiting from our expertise, we are at your disposal.

Reach new customers with the digital magazine


For SPAR Switzerland and TopCC, we developed online magazines that transform classic print publications into interactive digital experiences.