Crispy variety in the new Stachabroat webshop

We are pleased to give you an insight into a successfully realised project. We were able to design and realise a new webshop for our customer Stachabroat. This webshop offers a diverse selection of handmade bread baking mixes.

A family business

The roots of the "Stacherhof" go back deep into history. Originally run as a traditional dairy farm, the family ventured into a new direction and specialised in the sale of local ox meat and fresh, hearty bread from the wood-fired oven, marketed under the Stachabroat brand. They remained true to their regional approach by doing everything - from cultivation to processing - locally.

The region of South Tyrol, characterised by idyllic mountain landscapes and charming villages, provides the cultural and culinary inspiration for the Stacherhof. The combination of Alpine tradition and Mediterranean flair is reflected not only in the handmade bread baking mixes, but also in the passion for regional products and the masterful craftsmanship from South Tyrol.

The creation of the bread mixes

The history of Stachabroat is characterised by a great passion for baking bread. Originally, they sold their home-baked breads at markets. However, they could barely keep up with increasing demand. The solution: the development of various bread baking mixes. The idea was a success and they were soon working with hotels that produced their bread creations using the baking mixes. With the clear aim of bringing their delicious bread creations directly to the people, they decided to open their own webshop. The realisation of this project was entrusted to us, and we were delighted to create the webshop for them.

We had already made a significant contribution in advance by creating the design for the packaging of the bread baking mixes. In the new layout, we placed particular emphasis on emphasising the uniqueness of the products while ensuring an appealing presentation. Our aim was to create a visually appealing appearance that not only reflects the quality of the bread mixes, but also creates a distinctive identity for Stachabroat and stands out from other packaging on the shelf.

Der Webshop

We had the honour of accompanying Stachabroat on this exciting step. Our goal was to create a professional webshop that not only presents the products, but also conveys the story and passion behind Stachabroat. So we created a new, appealing online shop. The site offers an informative presentation of the company and its background story and clearly focuses on the inspiring recipes for the diverse bread baking mixes.

We are proud to have been part of this project and look forward to working with Stachabroat in the afuture.

Crispy variety in the new webshop


Find out how we worked with Stachabroat to develop a professional webshop that not only presents products, but also reflects the passion and history behind the company. Handmade bread baking mixes - quality, craftsmanship and regionality come together to create an unforgettable shopping experience.