bamix® cordless

Since 1954, bamix® has been producing and developing the smallest and most powerful food processor in the world in Switzerland. bamix® is, in fact, the inventor of the hand blender and has been a pioneer since 1950. For this very reason, it was now time to take the next step and further develop the all-in-one kitchen appliance. Instead of Bluetooth features and other gadgets the world doesn't need, bamix® focused entirely on the powerful performance of the cordless hand blender to also reflect in the cordless version the high quality that customers have come to expect.

We accompanied the client from the start of development to the launch of the product.


New, innovative, flexible - this was the core focus of the bamix® cordless during development. Because of this, we focused the design style on the high-end product market in order to express the quality and innovation of the product. Although the idea of the cordless hand blender seems so simple, it stands out in everyday life because it is much more convenient to use. To emphasise this, we always placed the focus on the cordless hand blender and paid special attention to a simple presentation of information in order to communicate the core information of the product to potential customers without any detours.

Landing Page

Since the landing page should also represent the innovation of the product, we worked out a concept that puts a strong focus on the individual key facts and should put the product strongly in the foreground. We opted for a simpler design which uses all kinds of CSS/JS animation to create some dynamics on the landing page, inspiring a sense of wonder.

We are proud of the fantastic work our conception and development team did in successfully transferring the innovative design as well as the flexibility of the smallest and most powerful kitchen appliance to the landing page.

Online Marketing

In addition to the general social media and online marketing support on our part, we worked out a separate editorial plan for the promotion of the bamix® cordless. We aligned the marketing strategy to a cross-channel concept in order to use online and offline channels to promote the product and thus generate maximum attention. In addition to the Google Ads banner and Search Ads campaigns, we use Facebook and Instagram ads as well as the news feeds of the social channels. The fan page was thus targeted with cordless product information, recipe pictures and the like. Parallel to this, micro-influencers were also brought in for product marketing.

Offline Marketing

For the offline channels, we relied on in-store displays, which gave the product far more presence than the competition. In this way, we especially wanted to reach the older target group which prefers getting personal advice in a local shop. In addition, print ads were placed in well-known trade magazines and newspapers with a B2B focus.

Dialogue Marketing

The marketing strategy was completed by dialogue marketing through newsletters and PR articles on well-known news portals. Newsletter marketing is still a channel that is mostly underestimated, but which is absolutely the most effective, as the customer experiences maximum content exposure when opening the message.

bamix® cordless


The latest kitchen highlight celebrates its launch in 2022 and once again revolutionises flexibility in the kitchen.