B2B Lead Generation to Increase Sales

With our lead software, you can see which corporate customers visit your website and what interactions have taken place. Through this generated information, you learn who wants to get in touch with you and in which products there is a particularly high interest. Using the information collected in your own dashboard, you can also focus marketing or sales activities and position target groups. Furthermore, the software offers you an extensive export function, video recording of user interaction and the possibility to categorise your contacts.

The Benefits

  • Data-protection-compliant B2B lead generation
  • Clear dashboard management of generated traffic
  • Easy website integration via JavaScript code
  • Categorisation for faster capture of relevant leads
  • Screen recording of user interaction
  • Lead form integration into the website
  • Extensive customisable export function
  • Interface connections possible, e.g. to Salesforce etc.
  • Automated e-mail reporting at daily, weekly or monthly intervals

Our Service

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Integration of the tracking script
  • Dashboard setup
  • Training
  • Setup of different categories
  • If required, setup of lead forms
  • Interface connection to the supported platform

B2B Lead Generation to Increase Sales


Use B2B lead tracking to get more information about the interests of potential or existing customers.