Eine Person, die ein Handy in der Hand hält mit der neuen Website von 11er, im Hintergrund sind Pommes und Burger zu sehen
Eine Person, die ein Handy in der Hand hält mit der neuen Website von 11er, im Hintergrund sind Pommes und Burger zu sehen

11er - the potato specialist

For our client 11er Nahrungsmittel GmbH, we were able to complete an exciting website relaunch, in which we replaced the old familiar website with a completely new concept. Instead of a comprehensive website, the focus is now on a landing page world within the website, which can be accessed via a clear portal.

The new concept enables users to search for information in a more targeted manner and to focus on relevant content on the respective topic. Each landing page is dedicated to a specific topic and offers extensive details on it. This helps to better categorize the extensive information on products, recipes, careers, pleasure bus, etc.

For this purpose, the menu structure was carefully designed and subdivided into a two-level navigation, in which the user can navigate within the global page and the landing page. Due to this, we had to pay special attention to the clarity of the navigation structure. So we deliberately put the navigation points of the landing page with the larger font in the foreground, so that the user understands the navigation structure at first glance. Clear website navigation is crucial for a smooth and intuitive user experience - only a well-structured and simple navigation allows users to quickly understand the website.

With the relaunch of the website, 11er emphasizes the understanding of their target groups. The aim is to cater to the individual needs and interests of the respective target group and thus offer users/visitors the best possible experience when interacting with the brand. Without a doubt, the new portal structure of the 11 website is a huge highlight. Reducing the crowded menu bar to a landing page with only four categories increases the user experience immensely.

11er tasty products

The new 11er product pages provide detailed information on nutritional values, ingredients and preparation of 11er potato specialties. From calorie content to proteins and fats to vitamins and minerals, all important information is clearly presented. You will also find practical preparation tips and instructions.

New career page

The career landing page on the 11 website is brand new. With its clear and intuitive navigation, it allows visitors to quickly and easily search for open positions and apply online. The subpage presents a variety of career options at 11er: from internships to full-time positions to management positions. Each job posting is detailed and includes information on the requirements, duties and benefits of each position. In addition, visitors to the career landing page will find information about the company itself, its values, and 11er's corporate culture.

11er Genuss-Bus

The landing page of the 11er Genuss Bus has also received an update. Here we have further developed the individual layout of the landing page of the food truck and also modernized it. Now the unique atmosphere and charm of the 11er Genuss Bus is perfectly staged. The dark, rustic yet modern layout creates a unique experience and lets users dive even deeper into the world of 11er.

The 11er Climate Protection Initiative

A central focus of 11er is sustainability and climate protection. The 11er climate protection initiative also plays a central role on the new website. 11er wants to set a good example and therefore focuses on sustainable environmental and climate protection measures. The website informs visitors about 11er's sustainable approaches and shows how the company minimizes its ecological footprint. With this 11er not only underlines its responsibility towards the environment, but also but also positions itself as a pioneer in the industry.

11er - the potato specialist


11er Nahrungsmittel GmbH has undergone a comprehensive web relaunch and now presents itself with a completely revised and modernized website.